This is Roman.  He is beloved at Greenleaf’s. He also (a little exasperatingly) leaves every summer to go back home to Lake George, visit family, and swill beer with old friends. He is our prodigal son. This year, as the undercard to Battle Royale IV, we commemorate his return with the first annual Rômcoming Tournament where our great staff [except Jesse and Jim] will compete for charity and glory. The game is straight pool to 25 points. Every ball pocketed is a dollar to support the great work of Richmond Animal Care and Control and Louisa Humane Society.  

Players will square off on Sunday, October 28th, with the finals on Monday, October 29th at 7pm on Table 1.  As if that isn’t exciting enough, each player in the finals will have a celebrity coach—Mika “The Iceman” Immonen and John “Mr. 400” Schmidt, who will enthrall us in Battle Royale IV the following night—to guide, exhort, chastise, and plead with their player to win the coveted trophy and their name on the wall for all of posterity.  Come root them on.  Admission for the Rômcoming is free but a hat will be passed!